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                           GOGO'S ADVENTURES

 Gogo comes from a different planet and he doesn't speak English.

My name's Gogo.

What's his name?

She's my mother.

  What's this?

Is that a tiger? 

What colour is this? 

What are they?

 How old are you?

How many are there?

What is the time, please? 

What do you like

Do you like sausages? 



Have you got a ruler?.

 Let's eat.

 I can swim.

 You're big.

 We're hungry.

 She's got a towel.

 I want a jumper, please.

 Where is Gogo?

 What are we doing?

 We are building a tree house.

 Where are you going?


 May I have a blanket?

 Whose dress is it?

 That's a big dinosaur?

 How much is that robot?

 I want to go to the moon.

 The yellow kite is hers.

 When is your birthday?

 Show me your tickets, please.

  I want some cards, please.

 May I make some soup, please?

 This camel moves quickly.


 What are you going to do?



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